Anal Toy Piss Shit

Mistress Gaia – Getting His Erection Back

Today we are in the medical clinic. We have a patient that requires a medical exam regarding his inability to have a proper erection. So we are going to prepare him and try to find out the reasons for his problem. We get him to undress and put him in the gynecological chair. Our patient is a bit nervous as he doesn’t quite know what to expect from his two beautiful doctors. We give him some assurance and tell him not to worry. As we put on our rubber gloves, I can tell he is somewhat excited at the prospect of being examined. We begin by shaving off all his pubic hair. Then we examine his cock to see if he responds to our touches with the latex gloves. It does look like he may be getting aroused. So we decide to give him some nipple torture, to see if his response is due to the fact that he is has a medical fetish. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that, and we would gladly assist in any way we can. It does indeed look like his cock is beginning to respond to our treatment. So we decide to get him back for another examination to see if we can develop his improved condition…

Piss-thunderstorm In The Whirlpool!

I want me relax and Recuperate in the whirlpool, after my butt fucking orgy and after my ass fuck gangbang, ! And then have 2 guys who had me before, fucked in my ass, to do nothing better than to piss me full, when Iwas sitting in a whirlpool! The first was still so decent and stood right in front of me and pissed me, specifically, in my greedy mouth ! But the second, stood on the edge of the whirlpool and pissed me from above, in my bitch mouth and face! So I also got piss in the eye!

From 5 Guys Pissed And Been Filled Up With Piss, At The Summer Party!

On a hot summer garden party I was extrem filled up, by 5 guys in the garden with 5 piss cargoes ! They pissed me extremely in my mouth and on my body! In this case pissed me one of the guys in the nose and in my eyes! Of course I have all piss I got in my mouth completely swallowed! And they were again a few liters of hot and spicy yellow piss! And I have previously gargled partly with the piss again before I gulped greedily down!

Piss And Squirt In A Bowl

Princess Nikki squirts and pisses in a bowl and orders the slave to drink all the mess!