Anal Vomit Disgusting

Pooping And Then Fucking! – Part 3

Part 3 – At this point, the sweetheart gets on top of the man and then begins riding his dick, consequently squishing the feces which she earlier places on top of the guy! As the situation progresses, the filthier the two become! Eventually, the lady is laid on her back on the ground and then continues getting fucked! The only time the man stops is after he reaches orgasm, by then, he pulls out and shoots his load all over the sweetheart!

Slave Training Femdom & Scatology Introduction! – Part 2

She goes to the next guy and sits on his face. She makes him eat cunt until she pisses on his face. She proceeds to hit him, first with her whip, then with her paddle. She goes to the next guy, sits on his face, and takes a dump right on it.

Ariel’s Big Shit On The Floor

Once again I ate far too many cherries. And boy do they make me ‘shart’. A really huge, stinky,dark brown mess. It comes out really slowly, long and messy.I even manage to sit on it and squish my sweet ass cheeks all over my mess.

My Shit Is Blown

Come Sweet, I’ll show you just how nice shit for nice and lick my shit and blow it. Well, did you ever feel that we do this together?