And Mom Fart On Dick

Crap Throw And Pull The Toilet

Yes, ‘just crap’ after I busted the fat pile with the Zewa, you hold it pretty close to the camera. Then I flap up the toilet seat, let the pile plop into the toilet and flush the toilet press. Watch as he erschwindet and I have to rid all with the brush …

Black Bbw First Time Iphone/ipod

Black bbw big butt Rhonda drops smelly turds in the toilets mouth. Will be available in 720p, WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats. Slow motion added so you can see the shitting action close up.

Thick Sausage Pressed Out Of Pussy

The thick sausage did not get out. So I had to powerfully by the pussy out, so that the rest also get out yet;)