And Pee Westgate Iphone

Gyno Vintage Lady

It is so incredible to sit on a gynochair and play with my wet lady cunt. Look at my vintage stockings. Wafer-thin they wrap around my slim legs and small feet. What a taste and smell 😉 And this metal dildo in form of a high heel is a very nice toy. Like it slides in my tight pussy and my pee runs down of it!

Want A Taste?

(NO AUDIO) Get a nice view of my shitty cheeks as slowly push out a deliciously wet poop. I honestly wish i could push out turds like this all the time. Oh yeah I forgot I got into a squat pushing out of the rest of my wet poop, then took a folk and played with it a little getting a good whiff of something slightly sweet.

Mega Shitting Sausage

She does not stop! I hit a huge sausage by my tight asshole until … pretty hard, then softer … but realy thick