Andid Camera Girl Pooping

Filmed Privately When Shitting

I really need to go to the bathroom. I put my Actioncam in the toilet and shit as if no camera is there

Constipation Relief!

This is a straining, pushing, constipation relief video where almost a week of poop finally comes out (very big load for me). I have had horrible constipation for days, maybe even a week, I can’t remember. I have been pushing and pushing and this shit just does not want to come out! In this clip I set the camera on the floor looking up at my ass and I push, grunting and straining for the first few minutes before eventually, my shit comes out! At first there’s just a few very small, hard, dark constipated pellets, then several logs of normal, soft brown shit. When i’ve finished I sigh with relief and tell you how much better I feel! I show you the massive smelly pile i’ve left on the floor, then I show off my dirty asshole nice and closeup before eventually wiping, leaving a big shit stain going all the way from my asshole to the top of my ass crack.

Goddess Anita Hard Strapon Fucking And Piss Drinking

Goddess Anita is back after 40 days off. She enjoy again to fuck slave asshole with her new strapon, longer one. She allow her slave boy to lick her pussy and labia and climax her with his tongue. After a good tongue in her pussy, she order him to keep his mouth open to can catch all her piss and drink it all. Then she enjoy his cock and order him to cumm while she squezing his balls.

Stand Up Toilet Ahoy Part 5

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