Andy Use Human Toilet

Hi I Am Krissy, Eat My Turds…

just eat them…. swallow them… they are from my gorgous body….

Slave Mouth Full Of Shit And Piss!

Here got one of my toilet slaves a nice fat turd, shit from me, in his mouth. After his mouth was nice filled with my shit, I pissed in his, with shit filled mouth. The slave had to eat it all and to swallow everything. After he had eaten the huge portion of shit he was messed up in front of me and I have blown him to reward his cock deep, with puking, until he came!


Oxana is naughty loading a huge messy shot in new green panties.

Scatfest! – Part 5

They take turns shitting on his face. Then they make him clean their assholes using his tongue!