Anerican Toilet Shit

Wetting My Jeans And My Bed

Reading a book in my bed in a tight blue jeans. The book is so interesting and I am so lazy that when I feel I have to pee…I just stay in the bed, wetting my jeans and the bed…a lot of jeans are soaking wet and there is a puddle on my bed:)))So warm, so sexy and so nice!:) Super HD quality!


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Nanny Scats For Extra Cash!

Her boss makes her an offer she can’t refuse – lots of cash if she agrees to shit in front of him. Why the hell not, she thinks. It’s good cash she can use. So she wastes no time stripping down to her blue underwear while her boss watches her. He makes her squat on the couch with her ass hanging at the edge. With a few deep grunts, she ejects shit from her asshole, which drops down to the tissue toilet on the floor. Satisfied with her shit, the boss gives her a wad of cash and tells her she should do it again tomorrow.