Angel Pink Pissoir

Play With Shit And Food

New premium video filled with really hot shit erotica!) In this video, I’m gonna shit a bunch of REALLY great, tasty and fragrant shit!) Will fill my mouth, and play with a big plate of food!) My recipe spaghetti, main sauce is my fresh shit) Want to try the taste) don’t be shy, I made this especially for you)) I Hope you don’t mind that I played with my shit, before serving? Then quickly upload the video and sit down to watch) PS: a Huge thank you for the feedback that you leave, I’m really nice!) There is a lot of new content coming soon, stay tuned) Love you *bark*

How To Be My Shit Eater!

So you losers wonder how it is to be my shit eater? Well take a look aa I tease you all with my perfect ass. As I reveal my beautiful rose where all the good stuff comes from! The stuff you want to eat right?Watch as I shit in the mouth of my loser slave, just lying below me catching the brownies from my ass. I make him eat every piece.. It should be a privilege, and I don’t want a mess, or a stinky bathroom!So now comes the important part for you! Look and even more listen to me as I tell you how to apply to be my shit eater! I have given you a recipe to catch my attention.. Now it is up to your ability to consume and to use my instructions! I make no promises, but I give you a chance!


Hot baby is hot shitting and peeing in sexy coral combi!