Anime Girl Peeing Her Pants

His Virgin Mouth Is Used For The First Time For Shitting

Jane is surprisingly in the studio and didn’t know that I had to take all the toilet slaves to a friend for her party. Then the new cleaning slave has to make his mouth available, I brought her quickly and wanted to see for myself how his first service as a toilet works. Jane I didn’t tell him that, she should use him without any compulsion and think that he is there for that very reason. She puts first of all her warm ass directly in his face so that he has contact and gets to know the butt that shits him right in the mouth. To make sure that the victim doesn’t get silly thoughts, I scratched his back with my fingernails and told him beforehand that this pain increases by a thousand times if he doesn’t spurt. Jane then uses him as usual, first she splashes her piss into his mouth and right after that she poops in his face. That’s the way it should be, Jane is relieved and he fights with the shit in his face. Before he can think about it, I stuff it in his mouth and order him to swallow it immediately. The choking dog finally managed to get everything into his stomach. Well done, he can stay on the spot and be available to my other girls if necessary.

Teacher Eats Prom Queen’s Scat! – Part 1

She takes off her panties and rubs her cunt on his hungry mouth. After letting him taste her cunt, she unloads her warm piss on the funnel placed in his mouth, allowing him to drink it all.

Chair And Shit (hd)

Hi Guys! Today I recorded the video, as the shit out of me goes. I was sitting on a chair was not the bottom. I put down the camera to the floor and I put a bowl under the chair and feel into the shit. Then I peed. All this before I caught a vibrator and satisfield myself. At the end of the film, I sat in the shit and than masturbation again. It was very good. The slap flowed over the shit.