Anime Pooping Panty

Pissing In The Evening In My Panties – Pee Pur

Last night I was already in bed when I got the piss. Did not want to go to the bathroom extra and just pissed in my panties. How cool would it have been if you had lain under me to catch the fresh piss

Training To Obedient Slaves Step 5: Humiliation

After 4 steps of the slave education follows in the 5th and last part of the slave training in the SM Studio Femdom Empire the absolute humiliation as Ladies Toilet. It is the will of the object to break and educate him to an obedient servant who swallows the divine pee of his mistress Dominatrix Lady Vampira and licks the dirty feet clean. While the submissive sow rolls under Domina Lady Vampira in the piss, he gets the barefoot foot job once again the chance for a cumshot, but fails and is penalized with a strong kick in the balls!

Old Man Trains To Become A Dungeon Slave! – Part 3

After testing his body in various ways, they decide that the old man have what it takes to become a slave. They will waste no time and will give him his first client right next day.

Take My Shit Ipod/iphone

Mistress Raw Desires just loves using the toilet. She shows of her big juicy ebony ass off before dropping some smelly turds in the toilets open mouth. She also gives him a nice stream of warm piss and then makes makes the toilet lick her smelly ass clean. Mistress Raw Desires is truly a creative shit queen. Contact her @ she is offering live and cam sesions. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.