Anime Shittinh

Chiara – Pain And Shit

An amazing new real amatorial video with double camera vision from mistress CHIARA. she has to piss and poop and everithing is good for her dog slave. But CHIARA is nervous and while he has a big piece of shit in mouth, she punish him with needles, wax and strapon…. everithing is amatorial and you can listen (italian) CHIARA and DOG speaks before the session like friends, but during the session, she is real cruel…

Mistress Roberta – Eat My Shit With The Spoon-pov

Today the meal you will get will be from the floor with the spoon just after you lick clean my ass so if you are fast you will still get to eat my shit hot !

Amirah Andrah Piss 02

This shooting was so long so Amirah and Nikki need to piss again…well the human toilet was still there…

498 Gr Shit

Absolutely amazing to amount out of my horny ass filled plops into the bathtub because! One of my biggest portions POOP! 498 gr pure SHIT! And of course I had to pee too 🙂 women have always both at the same time and to resist the … is hard! Here I leave everything running simultaneously! A close-up view is logical to me .. 🙂 And ditto my comments 🙂 Superb .. my position at POOP … vieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel fun that you’ll have!