Anpissen Bei Den Schwulen

Toilet Slave Quickly Eats Alina’s Diarrhea With Fart

Toilet slave quickly eats Alina’s diarrhea with fart. At the beginning of the video Alina says that she ate yesterday: fish, pasta, drank kefir and others, and orders her personal toilet slave to eat and swallow all her shit, but she did not tell the slave that she drank a laxative last night before going to bed .. In the morning Alina Fed her slave with a huge pile of diarrhea seasoned with a powerful fart.===Toilet slave Alina says – at first her shit was a little sweetish taste and it was easy to swallow, but in the end it became tasteless and strongly stuck to the throat and tongue, as a strong beverage, such as whiskey, was apparently poured into my mouth, apparently it was Alina’s fresh gastric juice.


Fuck my naughty ass while I’m fartig,shitting and peeing!

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