Anty Shit Eating

Bondwoman My Urinal

I want a bondwoman to drink all my urine. I don’t have to get out of bed when I Wake up in the morning when I watch TV or do something. She’ll swallow all my nectar all day, day after day.

The Biggest Piss-drinker In The World! 10 Men Piss Me In The Mouth!

At one of my hot parties, I swallowed not only liters of semen, but also piss. Have a dirty piss orgy, between the several hours long and extreme mass insemination party, made. 10 men pissed in my mouth, even 3 at the same time. Have several liters of hot yellow piss swallowed. I am also the world champion, in swallow, of piss and sperm!

Honey Brown’s Undis’poot’ed!!

Honey Brown done done it again!! I swear of all my ladies, she right now might hold the crown for ?One I find it HARDest to keep from wanting to reach in my pants?! I swear everytime she sends me a clip I get excited!! This soon to be 44 year old Fitness Intstructor has a body that just drives me crazy. That firm ass, those nice long legs and those 36D Perfectly set, 110% REAL chest of hers are just immaculate!! Enjoy this three clip set as she shows off in two pre-shower clips and a nice front facing between leg clip in between! Her clips are the definition of All Killer, No filter as she comes in and goes straight to work dropping some massive, bowl staiining logs!! Enjoy watching it just rush out her ass. Some great streaming pee shots as well!! Honey Brown has been the most slept on lady on this site in my opinion, but one year in this MILF has grown more and more confident and sexy! Just enjoy her sexy NY drawl as she describes how it feels rushing out her ass and what she ate. Come see why she is making it real HARD for me ? if you catch my drift!!

Monster On My Kitchen Floor!

OK guys, this one is definitely my biggest poo ever! I decide to take a shit on my kitchen floor and the poop just kept flowing out!!! After pooping and taking a long piss, I gather it all and it’s so heavy I decide to weigh it just to see…but unfortunately my bathroom scales wouldn’t cooperate! My guess is at least 5lbs!!! Anyway, I dump it all down the toilet and flush to watch my fat turds go down the drain…it’s a must see!!!