Anusgirl Pooping In Pants On Party

Urgency In The Cell

Once again I do not have much to laugh about in my cell. My bladder pressed so I pee banned in the chamber pot. The guard of course notices this and so I get a nasty punishment: I have to drink the piss.

Oh My What Have I Done?!

My shit is litterally on the verge of exploding, my stomach is rumbling and my digested food is fighting to come out! I run as fast I could to reach the toilet in time but I couldnÂ’t hold it any longerÂ… my shit started exploding in my silk underwear as I open the door of the toilet. All my shit comes out and I only made it to close the door so I shit right there on the floor of the toilet! I hope no ones come just yet.

Extreme-champagne-tasting At The Bar Of A Public Sauna!

Was again in a public sauna in the Ruhr area! When I came out of the sauna at the bar, sat there already lots of horny men. Since I had thirst I asked the operator to give me something to drink! The men thought they had something to drink for me. And 6, of the men, then pissed, each in a glass and then gave me her piss to drink in glasses. Have really all completely drunk. Have determined on 1 liter of the 6 men swallowed. Each of the piss charges, has different taste!