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Slave On The Floor And Girls Above Shitting Part 4

Girls Uses Man

New Toiletman P2

Now he is down and looks at us with big eyes and the big pile of shit in his mouth. While he is lying on the ground, Lady Angie is peeing on his cock. But he cannot swallow anything. I thought so. Well, then we lubricate his stinking toilet body with the shit. He should smell the whole day to shit. Decorated with two candles in his hands, he must then remain.


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Toilette Humiliation 84

The sadistic fair-haired brat Princess Paris and the merciless young mistress Lea use Joschis face and head as cloths for their dirty toilet mussel. You dip its head very deeply into the mussel and push the flush. You distribute toilet cleaning agent on the mussel edge and makes Joschi clean everything with its tongue. Then they still snap the toilet lid shut, let the flush down once again and rub the dirt with his face in all places in the mussel cleanly. And this makes fun to the two super sadistic, pitiless hard-boiled young girls.