Arted So Hard Shit Flew Out

Golden Shower With Blindfold – Mp4

Pissing in my slaves mouth – unfortunately he did not see anything as I blindfolded his eyes before 😉 So he was able to concentrate on my yummy taste.

Double Trouble

Lisa and Roxxy in ‘Double Pee and VOMIT’

3 Poop Compilation Vid

Scene 1 – I’ve Been Taking My Iron Pills All Week & I Wanted 2 Show You How Dark & Dirty They Make My Poop Look! I Just Had 2 Turn My Cam On Real Fast & Capture This Quick Shit. Close-Ups & Everything! Do You Like My New Dark Chocolate? Want A Taste? ;)Scene 2 – I Prop Myself Up On The Side Of The Toilet & Take A Tinkle & Then Poop. Nice Rear View Of My Ass & Growing Bush ;)Scene 3 – I Need 2 Get Your Poop Ready 2 Send To You In The Mail. I Sit Down In A Chair & Poop Into The Container That You Will Be Licking My Chocolate From 😉 Close-Up Of Your Chocolate Treat At The End!