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Open Your Mouth (monster Shit Load)

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Nurse Feeds Her Patient With Feces! – Full Movie

It is the middle of the night and this nurse is already exhausted. As a result, when she feels the urge to pee, she doesnÂ’t go to the comfort room, but instead, lays her patient on the floor and then urinates on his face! To make things worse, she follows with defecating on his mouth and smearing her feces all over his body! Eventually, she starts giving him a handjob! When he took too long to cum, she takes a short rest by sitting on his face and orders him to lick her asshole clean! When she gets satisfied, she goes back to concentrating on stroking his penis back and forth, only stopping when she manages to make him to reach an orgasm!

The Shit Good Morning Of The Mistress

The Wonderful Goddess Giorgia Divina has a slave always at his disposal 24 hours a day, just wake up to decide to be filmed by the slave while doing a good shit!!The slave has to film everything from a very close distance, the Mistress piss and shit in front of the slave. The slave is totally humiliated and is put up with his head into the toilet to sniff the mist of the Mistress’s shit.With their head inside, they are repeatedly crushed by the Mistress’s heels until they cry out for pain while being made to sniff the shit of the Mistress…In the end the Mistress pulls the water and the slave’s head is always inside, then the slave kisses the dick’s ass hole and goes to wash with the slave always behind her assFantastic Mistress

Teens Monique And Maria Make Shitlove

The sweetest shitloving teens on the Internet!!Dirty shit tasting by two wonderful blonde teengirls…