Asha Grey Piss

Smear Of My Shit

In this video you will see how I shit on the toilet slave. Big fat turd on the slave’s body. I smear my shit by legs and ass. Toilet slave very happy by sweet treats from Mistress. I am pleased shitting to everyone who wants to be smeared of my shit

Wet Shit From Chubby Cheeks

Slimy and wet a handsome pile comes crawling out of my ass. My sweet toes you can see it right in front of you! Yum!

Mistress Drops A Load On Domestic Slave!

Mistress has drops a load of her brown gourmet scat into her domestic slave during scatology training!

Too Much To Swollow

this slave try eating shit for the first time in his life. first domi gives him a small pice, ok this is not a problem. Now its time for kimi so look at the preview image how much shit she gives…its too much to swollow for this guy…would you swollow all?