Asian And Vomit

Messalina In Black Gown 1 Position 2

The Mistress Messalina uses her slave for her amusements.She makes him kiss her ass and uses his mouth as urinal and toilet.He has to swallow all.The Mistress Messalina uses him as a toilet, he must eat her shit and kiss and lick her dirty ass.

Your Demon

You’re a very shy Arab boy … you’ve always been very religious and you have a lot embarassment when you are alone with a woman. Well this is your dream. Your Mistress is Italian, with long muscular legs, and feet tattooed. You are on the floor and she takes your Qur’an. Is this the Qur’an that you parents geve you some times ago. Your Mistress start to telling you that… simple… Your god does not exist. Then take a small vibrator and masturbate in fron of your face untile she cover the book of her juice. You will clear the pages and her tell you of make a good blow job with the pages full of squirting. Now.. she gonna to piss all on it… are you ready to challenge you limits?

Mistress Anna – Big Soft Shit

Big Soft ShitI don’t have much time this morning and I really need to take a big shit! My slave is waiting for his breakfast as usually and I will serve it directly in his mouth! My bare feet are filthy, next time I will make him clean them with his tongue. He is a slave for everything – doormat, toilet, toilet paper, shoe cleaner and shit eater!