Asian Bathroom Pee Boy

Toilet Feeding Iphone

Scat goddess Madame Du B feeds her toilet bowl a nice messing helping of sloppy goodness. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter @Ms_Du_B. You can now get Madame Du Bs delicious chocolate treats sent to you for your eating enjoyment.

Tachibana Kyoko Enema

Tachibana Kyoko spreads wide open and pushes out an enema stream of water and shit. Her pretty asshole gapes wide open while she releases a powerful piss fountain. Very nice view. Multi-angle views.

2 Mistress, Shit For Slave No 16

2 Mistress Shitt Food feddingPart 1 :2 Mistress for Piss and shit for slave no 16The great Mistress slave 16 called one of his domineering girlfriend to share this evening to feed his slave

Mistress Gaia – Under The Desk

While I’m working with my computer, my doormat complains of being hungry, I can satisfy him, because I got a certain urge to go to the bathroom … without moving from my desk … after having adored my ass, he will receive a good dose of hot chocolate in his mouth that he will appreciate for the excellent taste 🙂