Asian Bathroom Peeing

Pooping Bathroom Floor!

While inside the bathroom, a sweetheart is simultaneously feeling aroused and the urge to defecate! As a result, she couldn’t stop herself from getting a little bit playful with herself! At first, she slowly pulls down her panties, exposing her butt and pussy! After which, she lies down on the floor with her legs spread wide apart! Then, without warning, releases a strong surge of feces! She doesn’t hold back and all of it out as hard as she can, consequently creating a massive mess!

Shit-eating Machine For 6 Girls

Shit-eating machine for 6 girls. Girls like this toilet very much, because it swallows fast! Urine, shit, usual or menstrual discharge – it swallows everything. He is in great pain – but he likes it! Today he served 6 stinky girls, he bathed in their smells and tastes!



Girl From Mongolia

A hot girl from Mongolia doing a fantastic poo on her kitchen table in cold Sibiria…