Asian Covered In Shit

Mistress Lilly – Preparing Many Meals For Her Toilets

Mistress Lilly recording more toilet slavery movies. She enjoy to play wth scat and she is almost the best single Scat Domme. She preparing today many meals for her fans.

Desperate To Pee And Pissing In A Glass Cup With Hairy Pussy Close-up

I woke up too late this morning and I had to go straight to the dentist office for an apointment. When I came back home my bladder was so full I almost peed in my pants. I was desperate to finally empty my bladder. I remove my pants then piss in a glass cup. My pee is splashing everywhere in the cup and on my thighs. I show you how much pee I collected then I pour it in the sink.

Simply Used

I show Miss Jane my new studio. While we talk, we harass the studio slaves until Jane must defecate. So she must not run up to the toilet, she pisses without further ado into a funnel, which she has filled in a slave’s mouth. Of course he ‘d have to swallow everything good. Then Miss Jane feels easier again.

Mega Turd From Pretty College Girl Karma

Mega turd from pretty college girl Karma