Asian Cum Drinkingpee

Lil Stink(in) Up The Campus!!

Lil Stink ain’t got no shame!! When she gotta go shit, she gonna shit!! She not one of those girls that is too cute to drop a deuce in public!! She gets the camera propped in the perfect position She’s been quite regular lately, and is back with three new ones from out in public. She comes in guns hot in the first scene. The camera actually died before the end but she still catches the end result. In the next two scenes are also at school…She even has a little company in the final scene, as Lil Stink settles in for a long dump. We get to hear the sounds of ladies peeing and (maybe plopping?) in the adjacent stalls as well…A nice FUNKY trio from Lil Stink!!

Toilet Slave And The Duct Tape Trick Part 4

Diana had a new Strategy to make the Slave swallow it all. After the Girl pooped into his Mouth, the Girl left the Toilet behind and Diana enclosed the Slaves Mouth with Duct Tape and whipped his Butt until he swallowed all. Part 4 Michelle. English Subtitles

Naked Shitting In The 9th Month

Well, my belly has grown so much! That’s because I’m in the 9th month! But I know that you want to see something else… So I press out a really hot shit sausage…!