Asian Girl Eating Shit

Finally 3 Days Boiled On The Yacht !!!

Finally, 3rd day … POOP !! For Frank, who wanted hard shit. Quietly, I go up to the yacht … PUPLIK Then I hold the empty box under my Kackloch and it falls into the can with a huge KACKBOLZEN. There’s a lot of PUSSY CREME dripping !!!

Scat Package P1

The slave must lick clean the soles of Lady Missy. Then She looks a video together with their slave, as Mistress Michelle poops in a package. The slave must kneel. The package with the shit is on the table. He has to crawl to the kitchen where Lady Missy opens the package and mix the shit even with some ingredients which she finds in her garden house and spits on top of the slave meal.

Mistress Shows Her Slaves Who’s In Charge

This Mistress has her slave down in position and she just pisses straight to his mouth and lead him out of the room for her next slave’s discipline. She squatted on his face with his mouth wide open as instructed, squirted piss and squishy shit then she gives him a facial scat therapy.***Special discount

Poop Pie

I know you guys love home cooking, so I thought I would make you a special, fresh, home-made apple pie! First I cut up a fresh apple in the kitchen wearing nothing but an apron and then i took it into the bathroom and added a nice hot layer of my steaming shit right on top of the apples! Of course it needed to be juicy so I pissed on the mixture and then I spread it nice and even and put a little cool whip right on top for you! Enjoy!