Asian Girl Japanese Pissed Cum

Three Bunches Part2

Because like you have seen at the first part of the movie how cowardly this Toilet is, Lady Grace and Lady Katherina decided to boost it. They feed this Toilet with the complete three bunches, and really plug his chops with scat. Almost his whole face is capped with scat afterwards because there’s is so much available. Anyway, neatly swallowing toilets are really rare.

Roxy Shits Again A Lot

next day next shit. After a cigarette Roxy sits on a chair back to slave under her ass and let a big shit pile down into his mouth!

The Guy Pissing Into The Glass.

The guy pissing into the glass.

Icing On The Cake

I got one of those little fudge cakes and it looked so dry and crusty, I decided to make it more yummy for my sub! I took a nice warm shit all over the top and sprinkled it with hot pee too so it would be yummy and moist! Eat up!