Asian Girl Loves Cow Shit

Please Do Not Fuck Me! I Have To Pee!

Are you serious? Just because I run around like a cheap slut in the kitchen, with short mini skirt and no panties do you really mean to have to fuck me immediately? Not now, please, because my bladder is full and I have to pee! Yes, just push me down on the floor to blow and stick your dick in my mouth. Bang me on the table and just push your cock in my pussy. Sure, just do it, the bitch wants it that way. But it does not stop me from pissing. I just piss on your cock and my beam is so hard that I piss on you completely. Yes just fuck on, does not bother me too! Yes and inject your sperm just into my wet MILF cunt. Just look at the wet sperm and piss hole on what you have left … Thank you too!

Toilet Slave Used, By 2 Mistresses And A Transsexual!

Here our TS girlfriend Cloe brought a new toilet slaves to us. First the slave had to lick the boots clean. Because he did not do it properly, Beauty-of-pain sat on his back and spanked his ass. Then he had to hold his head over a toilet bowl and open his mouth wide. Then I pissed him in his slave mouth and he had to swallow my piss. Then Betty stood over his toilet mouth and pissed him also into his mouth. Because he could not swallow our delicious piss so quickly, some went off and landed on the floor as well as on the toilet bowl. The slave then had to lick the floor and the toilet bowl clean. We spanked his ass, because we were dissatisfied with the leakage performance. Finally, the slave had to lie on his back and wank his cock until he cums. The slave was to inject himself into his mouth. But not even that, managed the loser!

Kenias First Time Part 2

Girls Uses Man

The Living Crapper

Everyone should have a matching name anyway, so I call my new slave according to his job just ‘crapper’. Today Miss Jane uses him, she’s waiting for me and the new slave in my studio. The guy is first somewhat tortured, then Miss Jane puts her butt over his skull to shit on it. Although it is a little off, but the first impression of the new toilet is promising. The rest was stuffed into his mouth and he was allowed to swallow in pain.