Asian Girl Pee Desperate

A Cup Of Poop

You want some coffee ?

Mistress Annalise – Big Shit Dinner Hd 1920×1080

I walked the slave around the room on a leash. He obediently obeyed my orders. He did not know that I made dinner for him. He took a plate and I shit there. Long fragrant shit came out of my ass hole. The slave must eat all my shit, otherwise it would be a month without my shit. I know that he likes to be my toilet and teased him, from which he got even more pleasure. Now, stupid slave, I’ll take you to the toilet – there’s your place, until tomorrow you’ll be there.

Student Piss Adventures

Students Sam & Sandie are at detention for being naughty and Sam teases Sandie. To make matters worse, Sandie is desperate to pee and ends up peeing while on the table leaving a puddle on the floor. Afterwards Sandie pleases Sam opening her shaven vagina and giving her a licking before she pees on Sandie.