Asian Girl Pee On Lesbian

Pee Into Rubber Boots

Angelica takes her rubber boots off and puts on pumps. She drinks and then she takes off her panties. She starts pee into the wellies, so she fulfills both boots with the warm golden juice. It would be delicious drink for a slave… Length 4:10 – (HD 1280×720)

Mistress Gaia – Scat Caviar In A Diaper – Hd Version

A male slave lies strictly restrained on the floor. You urinate and defecate onto a diaper on the floor. You start to feed the caviar to the slave with the spoon very relentlessly and ruthlessly. Near the end you step with you boot into the remaining caviar and make the slave eat it from the soles. Additionally you spit in slap into his face. Lastly you order the slave to lay his face into the remaining caviar and you tightly fasten the diaper around his head and you untie him and parade him around on a leash like a dog. Pls. be strict & cruel the whole time.

Big Pile Of Napkin Poo (part 1)

Your so hungry for my poo, but I your Chocolate Mistress has tied your hands down and they can not move. I have no other choice than to feed you.