Asian Girls Pooping On Each Other

Peeing In A Glass Cup Next To My Bicycles

I like peeing naked in a squat position. In this clip I pee in a 2 liters glass cup. It’s very early in the morning so I look very tired. I am in the storage room and the morning light makes my skin glow. I start peeing and the flow is so strong that the pee splashes on the sides of the glass cup. After I’m done I have to clean the floor with a towel because my golden liquid have spread everywhere. I also have pee on my thighs. I take the cup to see how much liquid I collected. Then I go back to squat position and spread my legs.

Shitting On Her Tits

Shitting on her tits (JJ000555)

Long Turd On The Toilet!

I just woke up and yesterday I went to a BBQ at a lake and we ate soooo much! LOL Anyway, I have to poo badly and decide to sit on the toilet and lift one leg up so you can get a good view of the longest turd I’ve shit so far! It’s awesome 😉 After taking that long shit, I get up and spread my ass cheeks so you guys can get a look at my nasty butthole full of delicious scat…don’t you wish your tongue could be my toilet paper…