Asian Girp Drinks Piss Shit

The Scatqueen

Scatqueen Mistress Michelle wants to shit into the mouth of her toilet slave. This time the shit lands not exactly in the mouth, but on the face. What a pity. From there, however, everything is then pushed into the toilet mouth. Mistress Michelle also helps and spits on top.

Be My Toilet Slave And Eat My Shit!!!

i like to use a man as a toilet skave! open your mouth slave and eat my delicous shit.. oh yes, it tastes very good…and i like to see pervert toilet slaves who enjoy their live as a human toilet…

Take My Shit

This clip has two videos back to back. The first, you’re under my toilet taking my hot piss and firm brown turds as they drop from above. Next you’re my toilet slave, watching as my long brown shit flows out of my tight little asshole. When I’m done I show you what a mess I made in the toilet.

The First Time Shit Standing Up

Had I known that it is so exhausting, I would have left it ^ ^ shit is really standing in the difficult, but it is something completely different 😉 Watch me …