Asian Kidnapped And Peed

Conformable Ladies Toilet

Our toilet is going to be punished this evening. He is going to eat two portions of shit from me and Lady Laura. A lot of perverted punishment, a lot of shit and verbal humiliations. At the end after our slave left alone with a huge pile of shit, which he must eat this evening.

Mistress Gaia – Outdoors

While I’m taking a walk outdoors, I get a certain stimulus, I can only make use of nature to go to the bathroom 😉

Nr. 10 New Scat Mix Compilation

The new compilation of the best moments of my clips of scat!!!! From video 146 – 166 – 175 – 202 all in italian language! Enjoy yourself!!!!! You can find the full version of these videos here on YEZZ. MP4 fast download.

Swallow My Spit And Pee P2

Now Lady Marie has to pee and use both slaves for it. She gives a short order and shortly after the toiletslaves are lying on the floor with a wide open mouth. Lady Marie has to pee urgently and starts to pee into the first mouth. Then she changes the slave mouth and fills up the other slave with her piss. All Ladies are waiting then at the next room. The slaves comes in and Lady Angie is the first Lady who takes a slave to fill up his mouth with her piss comfortable on a toilet seat specially built for toilet slaves.