Asian Men Holding Girls Shitting

Shit On Rubber Boots1

I found several pairs of rubber boots at home. Now I measure them and throw them into the pile. I’m starting to shit rubber boots. it is great

Laxative Tea & Yoga Doesn’t Mix Well!! – Part 3

After cleaning up their shit, she lets them eat each others cunts. She uses her vibrator on them, hoping to squeeze more shit from them.

Eat My Smelly Shit You Worm! Short Version!

Short Version. With spitting, pissing and pooping in the Mouth of the slave and swalloing all!And the next all-absorbing toilet slave who has applied to me, to serve me as a living-loo. First, I spit the worm in its mouth before he got to swallow a fat-charge of my Spicy-pee. After that I pooped a fat portion of my Smelly shit into his slaves mouth. He has this, then completely swallowed, and that he actually eats the whole shit, I fed him with a spoon.

Mistress Feeds Her Slave Fresh Shit!

Mistress lied her slave down and she squatted on him, first she pisses and then farted and of course pushes out her tiny pieces of shit straight into his mouth where he happily swallowed it!