Asian Mistress Shit Husband Mouth

Massage Ends With Poop Extracting!

All this woman wants is to relax after a long week of hard work, so here she is in a spa! After stripping off her clothes and lying on her chest on the massage bed, a man starts giving her the relief she expects! However, she has already forgotten how good it felt and is struggling to contain the pleasure! Shortly after, she is turned around and continues getting massaged. At this point, she can no longer handle it and ends up pissing against her will! It started slow, but when she finally gave up in trying to hold it in, it immediately turned into a massive stream, not just wetting the massage therapist but as well as creating a massive mess!

Smoking Redd’s Smoking, Conversation, And Runny Relief!!!

Smoking Redd Is back with another great intimate Smoke Session!! Looks like she has been backed up for a few days….Smoking is a natural diuretic, enjoy as she has a nice smoke session and conversation. Enjoy as she crosses her sexy legs and wiggles her toes in front the camera while having an intimate conversation with you as you sit right in front of her. She decides the topic of the day is her bathroom experiences. She talks about how it feels when it’s coming out. Smoking Redd chastises girls who are “Shameful Shitters”. She ain’t holding it – she will shit anywhere!! She will shit at your friends house, your house, at a 5 star restaurant – she don’t give a damn!! Enjoy her smoke tricks as she French inhales and more!! She even talks about the best and worst times to take a dump!! Speaking of time, about halfway in she gets the relief she was looking for!! Enjoy as she finally explodes with some runny mudbutt action!! No Action shown in this one, but she does show the FUNKY aftermath!!

Husband’s Hidden Agenda – Part 3

Part 3 – This guy has an hidden agenda, his wife doesn?t know that he is like this! To fullfil his desire, he converted their basement into a dungeon where he hides his other woman who is there to only service him!!! After work, he visits the dungeon and get his slave to lick his ass, suck his dick, smell his farts and of course drinks his piss and receives his feces!