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Toilet Slave Outback Walk Part 5

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Sprayed Shit

I drank too much prune juice during the day and ate my stomach ache all the time until it just wanted to shoot me out of now, I just said to my friend just take a towel and lay down wherever I could It really did not keep it like cocoa with grains of the bread which I ate to admit breakfast :-). I spray his cock really full of my cocoa and what happens then look at the clip :-). I hope you like the clip 🙂

Two Girls,two Magical Tights – One Big Mess!

We are waiting the coffee to be ready when Jessy tells me she has one very very big problem.She hasnt gone to the toilet since few days because her toilet is broken.I hardly manage to stop myself from laughing.Before going there, I have bought something to surprise her.I take my bag and ‘These tights are magical,Jessy.They will make you poop and no worries’ She is looking at me very strange ‘Magical tights’Are you sure? I’m laughing and I give her one.’Put it on.You will see’ We take slowly our clothes,our underwears and put on the tights.She is looking so hot wearing them.Im touchng her when the rush to poop comes.’Jessy,Im ready!’ ‘Such a nice feeling,such a smell.Cant stop myself from touching and looking at my beatiful girlfriend.Jessy is ready to fill the tights too’ I’m rubing my cunt on her leg,she slaps my ass.WE MUST CUM TOGETHER!Two horny girls touching and kissing themselves,TWO DIRTY TIGHTS ,one big mess :)Take a look boys 😛 you will be satisfied!

Fresh Coctail With Piss And Poo For Her Lovely Girlfriend

Fresh coctail with piss and poo for her lovely girlfriend