Asian Pee Toilet Spy Cam

Toilet Slave Hidden Part 4

Girls Uses Man

Treatment Of Colds With Shit

I a little sick, had a cold. Having refused traditional treatment, I developed the method of treatment, treatment shit. Is shit it doesn’t taste nasty, I begin to understand why my shit-eater so loves and craves all the time to eat my shit. I miss him, and spend my evenings making shit molds, thinking about how I’m gonna shit in him. And he smacks, chews and swallows all my shit.

Poop Eating!

For this night, sweetheart decides to get naughty with her submissive husband! At first, she lays the half-naked man on the floor! After which, she takes off her panties and then sits on his face! Shortly after, without warning, she defecates on him! When she is done, she gets off of him, but only to pick up her feces and stuff it inside his mouth! He lets him chew for a while before she proceeds to have him spit swap it with her!