Asian Peeing In Mounth

The Hungry Slave

My slave was very hungry and this should be breastfed. So he got caviar from two ladies, from me and my friend Contessa Calucci. He opened his mouth wide to receive the food. And to make it easier for him to swallow, he gave me an extra large portion of golden shower

Happy Easter Pee

Today Mistress is good, decides to make a video to wish you Happy Easter toilet slave.What better way to wish happy Easter if the slave do not drink its golden rain directly from within the Easter Egg ….The Mistress obliges the slave to hold the Easter egg in his hand and begins to piss in, then obliges him to drink more…Finally, sadistic as always, breaks of small pieces of chocolate, spits on and obliges the slave to eat them.Fantastic Mistress!

Taking Emergency Shit!

What’s worse than getting your period during a fine day at the beach? It’s having to look desperately for a place to shit because you’re about to burst in your underpants! These chicks have got it real bad. One had to take a dump right there on the beach. Another shitted right in the swimming pool, her scat floating around her. The last one had it so bad she wasn’t able to wait for her turn in the bathroom and had to scat right in the living room.

Hard Scat With Farts Pt.1

The Giant wants to have some fun, but really needs to go to the toilet. Sadly there is no toilet nearby, and the Giant don’t know what to do. But suddenly a doll comes walking by asking the Giant if there’s something it can help the Giant with. The Giant says he want’s to have some fun, but that he cant right now. I will help you with that, I will help you with anything says the Doll without asking what the problem is.Then without hesitation the Giant picks up the Doll, and place it on a chair, drops his clothes, and throw his BIG ASS down into the Dolls face. And without saying anything else he press as hard as he can, and dumps his shit right into the Dolls face.After the sweet shit has been crushed into the Dolls face, he FARTS out a ton of gas.All that gas that has been building up behind all that shit goes right into the Dolls face.