Asian Piss And Shitt

Good Female Toilet

We are continue the humiliation of toilet with the help of my assistant Lady Laura. In this movie, we are feeding our toilet with delicious shit. Lady Laura use him also as a bucket seat and order him to clean her shoes ! After this double humiliation, slave was instructed to lie on the floor and assume his position for a scat meal. We are shitting in his mouth and oblige him to chew and eat our shit!

Mistress Makes Slave Worship Her Ass And Eat Her Shit

(Custom video order, the name “Daniel” was used a few times in the video)It’s time for you to worship my ass, and if you do a good job I will have a treat for you, after you’ve pleased me.Stay there and don’t move. I’ll smother you with my ass. You like that smell you sick pervert? Smell my dirty asshole! I want you in my ass so deep you only smell my dirty asshole from now on!Lick all the way around. Get your tongue in there and get the inside too! Ohh, I love farting in your face too!You’re doing such a good job, I think you just might get your treat! How do you like my chocolate? Does it taste good? I want you to eat it all! Let that shit slide down your throat, I want you to choke on it! Good boy, now lick my asshole clean, be my toilet paper!Very good, slave! Maybe I’ll make you my permanent toilet so I can shit on you whenever I like!

Lesbian Collects Piss & Shit! Vol 2

This lesbian, recruit girls who are inexperience in the world of Scatology, they’ve never heard of it so they are ‘virgin’!!! See the girl reaction here how she pisses on a bowl and shit for Miss to collect for her own pleasure.

Poo Show Ass Wink Cucumber

Nice little Hot Poo Show with cucumber suck and ass wink……enjoy 🙂