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Mistress Roberta -mouth Training And Feeding

Today i choose to do some mouth training fo my slave combined with smells so first i take one pair of black stokings and i tie very tight his cock and balls and after i oder him to lay down and i put the dirty socks i wear on his face to smell them and after a while i take a wooden spoon and hurt his nipples, cock and balls, hit his body with it and afte i had enough i stick my hand in his mouth to train him and after this training he will get a nice farting smelling, and the feeding he waits evey morning so i arange the toilet sit and i shit dierctly in his mouth and i take a bit put it on his cock to play and the rest he must eat but in the end his whole body will be full with shit, enjoy.

Mistress Victoria – Foot Worshipping And Enormous Diarrhea

Mistress Victoria and Mistress Roberta call the toilet in the morning and they announce him that today he must ingest 2 diarrhea meals. As a guest in house, today Mistress Victoria will be the first lady who offer Diarrhea. She Use his mouth first for cleaning her soles, legs, humiliate him then she order him to open wide his pathetic mouth and be ready to receive an enormous diarrhea under her chair. She insult him, spit on him, cbt, destroying his balls anc cock, all for a better ingestion. She also smear all her diarrhea on his body and play with her shitty toilet…..A perfect begginning of this weekend ! Next movie will be with Mistress Roberta feeding her toilet another portion of Diarrhea. This movie was recorder with 2 cameras, from 2 angles, you can see the scat feeding from 2 different views.

Poor Girl Fucked And Shitted All Over By Her Master

Poor girl fucked and shitted all over by her master