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Ns & Kv Cleaning Slave

The mistress has to shit very urgently. Her gut squeezes and she screams loud and evil for her slave, who has anxiously crawled in the corner.On all fours the slave crawls under the toilet seat and licks the shit of the mistress from the floor. The mistress shits on the slave’s skull. After that, the mistress shits another big shit right in his mouth. Shit on the floor, shit on the sole of the mistress’s wellies. Licking and licking is the motto of the mistress and piss drink from source abound.

Sweet Shitty Morning! Adelina Frau!

Usually I sleep up to 12 hours, but today I was awakened by my toilet slave. He is my toilet and he is very hungry. He took off my clothes and kissed my feet and my arms. I was angry that he dared to wake me up and I slapped him. As punishment for his behavior, I command him to kiss and lick my sweety asshole. Then I shitting in his mouth right on the bed and make him swallow his breakfast. In addition, I spit in his mouth. But it seems he really liked this punishment. Eat my shit and enjoy this morning!

Grooming New Slave Into Scatology! Part 1

Mistress is grooming and preparing her slave for his first day of scatology experience!

New Slaves First Time With No Way Out Part 4

Here we take full Advantage of 2 Faces sticking out and filled them up with Poop. English Subtitles