Asian Poo Shit

Office Ladies Punishing Male Coworkers With Pussy And Piss!

Wanting to get the same treatment as the male workers, the women in this office decided to rebel against the system in a very unusual manner! Instead of having a strike, they dominate the men! At first, they smother their victims with their crotches to their heart’s content! However, they still wanted more, so they proceed to take off their panties and then urinate on the victims’ faces, leaving them with no choice but to have piss inside their noses and mouths! When that didn’t earn them their demands, they proceed with feeding the men with their pussies!

Epic Scat Session. Part 9

Epic BDSM torture session with gallons of shitOver 10 kg of shit was used for this one, plus shit from 3 asses, plus shit was got with help of enema, plus gallons of piss, It is not surprise that smell of shit is still present in the apartment even if we filmed this movie over a week ago.If you love Max Hardcore movies – you will definitely love this one. Shit Hardcore.We are sure that in the world there are dozens of thousands of videos, performed by amateurs which never was for sale or got to the internet. But not this one, performed by pure amateurs with pure scat enthusiasm and wish to get as dirty as possible.Length of the full movie is over three hours, which are full of shit, scat-sex actions and tears.

Mistress Gaia – Pain Or Pee

Today, I have my slave securely bound to the bench. I removed him from his cage because he was complaining that he was hungry. So I decided to give him a little treat and put some of my shit and pee into a bowl. I told him he must drink my pee and eat my shit. Also, if he wanted to remain outside of his cage he must completely empty the bowl. Unfortunately he couldn’t finish, so I decided to punish him. I get out a strapon and tell my bitch to make his choice. Either finish eating my shit, or get his ass opened with my strapon. So I begin to fuck his ass and tell him to make his choice. The stupid slave can’t speak for whining, so I fuck him harder and harder. I then get out my cane and give him a whipping. He eventually decides he wants to eat my shit. What a whimp, I was having so much fun punishing him. However, he will now kneel at my feet and empty his bowl of my delicious shit and amber nectar cocktail. I have my cane to hand to make sure his of his obedience, before putting him back in his cage…

Mother And Stepdaughter Wants Scat For Dinner! – Full Movie

These are not your ordinary diners. The waiter was shocked when the pair ordered fresh scat for dinner, which of course the waiter refused to serve. Oh well, they said. We’ll just produce it ourselves. Why not join us, they asked the waiter. So daughter lies down and after a few minutes, produces wet and smelly scat. Her stepmother licks her asshole clean and invites the shocked waiter to join them.