Asian Poop Slave

Shit On The Balcony

I use the toilet slave on the balcony. First I use it instead of an ashtray, carcass it with a cigarette butt and make him to chew it. He does a great job. Then I make him to lick my shoes and kiss my feet. But in the end I prepared something special for him. Sophisticated humiliation. Since he is my toilet, he is obliged to eat my shit. I squat down, clutching his head between my legs and filling his mouth with smelly delicious shit. I wipe my ass with toilet paper and I put them in his mouth. Eat and munch, stupid pig))

Underground Shiteating Orgy

2 girls and several guys continue their shit orgys, and get deeper and deeper into the ultra extreme… the grls totally get out of control….

Zelda’s Keeping The Party Going!!

Zelda has fast become probably one of my 3 most popular ladies! ItÂ’s easy to see why as she does each clip with such enthusiasm!! And the Loads she puts out nothing short of AWESOME!!! Enjoy another FUNKY Dozen minutes of action! Enjoy some great behind the bowl clips as you can see those logs shoot right out her tight asshole! Then enjoy as she takes the fun to the Tub to get a little naughty before a shower!! Enjoy as she grunts and strains out a painful load into the tub! Then enjoy Two great squatting clips over the floor. Five Great Loads from on of the best doing it!!

Wall Shit Spray

Title says it all. This video is naughty. I shit all over the wall! Sprayed!!! Made myself come and pissed and this shit is beautiful.