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Mistress Annabelle – Toilet Slut Training

Mistress Annabelle makes the toilet slut suck a huge dick. With great pleasure she does it. She designs a slave’s throat for a lovely shit dinner. Slave licks pussy and asshole Mistress, after that she pisses in his mouth. A strong stream of pee splashes into the slave mouth. He must manage to swallow sweet drops. She sits over the slave face and begins to shitting in his mouth. A huge long shit comes out from Mistress ass hole. Eat my shit, smelly scum. A lot of shit on the slave face, she suffered for 2 days without shit. A big portion of my shit is your food. Such a crazy pleasure for you to serve me as a toilet She pushes all the shit in his dirty mouth with a huge dick and makes him suck it. A slave sucks and cleans big shitty dick. Now you are trained and you know how to satisfy your Mistress. Lick my ass and open your mouth wider – I want to piss. The slave experiences immense pleasure from humiliation when the Mistress shits in his mouth.

Piss And Play 1

After peeing in my grey track pants while standing in my bathroom, I turn around and shove my fingers in my horny little bum until I prostate orgasm several times.I had trouble standing for like 20 mins after I made this clip the orgasms were that good lol.

099.2.1 Cigar Scat In Mouth

099.2.1 and here we are, a big cigar of shit in his mouth… and he have to eat all my shit!


Angel is reading newspaper while shitting and naughty farting!