Asian Shits Toilet

Hot Stripper With Big Ass

Back at once again. My hunt for big butted hot girls to shit in mouth continues!!! So this time I met a stripper with an incredible body and super sexy face…I told her I just had to taste her shit and would love it if she would spread her asshole over my mouth next time she had to go. I left her my number and told her to please think about it. Well two weeks later she was in my hotel room looking sexy as fuck with her big fat ass being pulled open and spread…now I know I say this a lot but her shit….tasted incredible it really did. Just when I think I won’t find anyone with better tasting shit I do….I swallowed her entire load as it kept filling my mouth. You won’t be disappointed with this girl I promise you that! She delivered on looks beauty curves ass and shit.

Evil Girls! – Part 2

They kick the poor man down the floor and place the bowl of pee and shit in front of him. His face down the bowl so he can savor their urine and feces.

Shit Thickness And Lollipop

After I press my chocolate out, I press a lollipop in my asshole. And both get sent to Nico. I hope you like it