Asian Spit Vomit

Slave Fattened With Shit – Short Version 1

Short version of the clip Slaves fattened with shit by 2 Dominas. Contessa Calucci gives the slave her divine caviar directly into his mouth. And the pig swallows everything except the last chunk.

Diarrhea-shit And Mega Piss-beam For The Slaves Mouth!

Here, another user had applied to me to serve me as a living toilet. First I have the slave a huge amount of piss, with a mega piss-beam peed in his mouth. That was so much and with so much pressure that he had problems to swallow anything and he wheezed already. Of course I had for the slave yet another surprise with which he had not expected. Because my stomach rumbled a little I have the baffled slaves then still a diarrhea-shit served in his slaves mouth! His mouth was filled to the top and his face full of my diarrhea-shit. Of course, he had to eat my shit diarrhea. Unfortunately he only eats the half of my creamie shit, so I just let him lie! Let’s see if he has eaten everything if I must to the toilet again!

Monster Poo On My Pooping Slave!

It’s been a long time since I’ve pooped on my slave. He’s been avoiding my poop and I had to punish my bad slave for being a bad boy. So I took a big poo right in his mouth and eyes and I rub it on him while he jerks his big cock saying ‘Yes Mistress!!’

Mess With Shit In The Bath

Mess with shit in the bath Dirtytalk.Wie You can be dirty? Come with me into the tub and look at me like I just shit a long sausage and hot for me this verschmiere on the body. Already is an amazing feeling to feel the body on the right?