Asian Toilet Peeings

New!mia Pov Foot Smearing Scat

Mia Pov Foot smearing Scat

Lady Joice – The Private Toilet Slave Hd P5

Now it is time to poop in the mouth of the toilet slave. Mistress Michelle gives the short command to open his mouth. Shortly after, Mistress Michelle shoves him right into his toilet mouth. Lady Joice takes a few photos of it and laughs. Then the slave begins to chew and swallow the pile. Lady Joice pisses in his slave mouth.

Keeping The Secret In The Family!

This pair share a bond like no other – they like producing and eating piss and scat! This morning while their bladders are still full, they give it a go, right there in the kitchen while Mom is away. She kneels on the cold floor and opens for mouth, which Dad fills up with his warm morning piss! Dad lies down on the floor and makes her sit on top of his face. She obliges and moments later ejects chunks of shit right into his eager mouth! He fingers her asshole, not wanting to waste precious scat. He makes her lick his finger so she can taste her own shit. Yummy!