Asian Toilet Vomit

Bad Painted P3

Now the toilet slave is sitting in front of the big pile of shit from the Scatqueens and has to eat all the shit with cutlery like a normal meal. That’s really demeaning. The Scatqueens have their fun. Mistress Michelle spits on the thick shit and pisses the slave while eating shit on his cock.

Pooping Adventure!

This lady has gone on a pooping adventure!!! She goes to a park, inserted enema and take a dumb right there!!! You are welcome to scoop it up (evil grin)

Doggy Bowl Scat Slave!

My little scat bitch has been so greedy lately I decided to treat him like the dog that he is! Come watch me pull him by his leash to the doggy bowl where I’m gonna be feeding him today. I squat over the bowl and ask him to eat my delicious poo as it come out of my tight asshole. I tell him not to miss a drop but he’s being a bad dog and won’t listen. No worries, whatever falls into the bowl is being shoved into his filthy mouth…I also make him eat out of the bowl, very humiliating I know! LOL

Part 2, Set The Naked Ass In The Shit

You can watch here and now, as I very carefully closer, touch me my brown, still warm turd in tender and then .. then I sit down purely gaaaaaaanz slowly 🙂 I think you end up with shit smeared my ass back: – )