Asian Toliet Girl Shit Eating

Time For Shit And Puke

ts time new slave time for scat and puke

Open Up And Shit

i begin playing with my tits wanting you to suck on themas i get horny i feel like i need to shiti lay back and begin to feel the shit flowmy ass opens up very wide and the turds just flow outi shit into a tin capi show you the shit it glows in he light; it looks so Gorgeousi describe the smell and taste it mmmm it smells and taste so goodits warm since it just came out my ass Fresh is the Best!

Nasty Daddy Smears Shit On Mommy! – Full Movie

Mom and Dad are into some nasty shit, literally. Their sex act always involves shit, be it dry or wet. Mommy strips off her clothes and sits on Daddy’s face, making him eat her cunt. After getting her cunt stimulated, she pisses on the floor, to Daddy’s delight. He fingers Mommy’s asshole to get the shit to come out. A few minutes later, wet and sticky scat came pouring out of her asshole and straight into Daddy’s hands. He smeared the wet shit all over her ass and then he makes her suck his cock. All this is happening while their young daughter listens through the thin walls.

Mistress Roberta- Morning Take Away Food – Pov

This morning i am preparing the take away food for who comes first from my scat slaves so i take a plastic plate and a plastic spoon shit in the plate and show the food for my slaves to pick it up .