Asian Ttaking Shit

Peeing On Her Hands

Peeing on her hands (JJ000577)

Two Face

I was giving my sub a treat by straddling his head and drowning him in my golden stream, but he refused to open his eyes for me and because he talked back, I decided to straddle his head again, but this time instead of my pee, he got a huge load of my hot, steaming shit that covered half his head and made him into two face!


Ruslana is hot running diareeah in sexy flower tights;)

I’m Gonna Shit In Your Favorite Jeans!

In the kitchen Danni bends over, the tight jeans pulling tight over her shapely ass. She really had to poop anyway, so it’s only a second or two before a big, mushy load pushes out into the little space between the tight jeans, her cotton panties and her ass. She pulls the waistband open to show Jessie the mess that’s already spreading out and up towards her pussy.