Asian Vomit Shit Abuse

Hungry Slave Begging For Food Smeared With Feces! – Part 2

It didn’t take long before the sweetheart stops and then lays him on the floor where she proceeds to urinate on his face! When she is done, she feeds him with her pussy! To make things worse, she suddenly defecates on his face! She then smears her feces all over his body!

Full Toilet

The slave licks my ass and I used him like a real toilet. I defecate in his mouth and I fill it completely. He will deprive on a floor with my shit on his face and I smear it, I take off stockings and I thrust them into his throat. Now you are a full-fledged toilet, enjoy your fate!

Morning Breakfast Of My Shit – Hd Version

Fresh breakfast today I had prepared for my toilet slave. With great pleasure he opens throat and I shit inside. I fill his mouth with my shit. Now lick clean my ass. It should be clean, try slave to earn the respect of Mistress Nikole. It was a great breakfast for you.

Multiple Shitty Situations Part 6

Girl Uses Man