Asion Girl Eating Cow Poop

Get Poop In Your Mouth

My belly is full and I will use my toilet slave mouth again. He has to eat or he will stay with my shit in his mouth all day! I know that is big but I don’t care, if he wants to be used by Mistress like me he has to learn how to be a good human toilet! This is true for you too! If you want to serve me as a toilet first be sure that you can handle it!

The New Challenger In Chair Part 2

Girls Uses Man

‘hd’ ‘she Is Desperate And Accidentally Wets Herself On Your First Date’

Our first date! So exciting! So I am at your place for the first time. I am a little surprised to be honest, I thought you’d be more tidy. I mean, you knew I’d come, so.. well, no problem. This is nothing compared to the toilet on the hallway that I just came along. I wanted to go in, but it stinks! Who is using that toilet anyway? Everyone? What? You don’t have your own toilet?Oh, I thought I could go at your place.. now you don’t have a toilet of your own. Why is no one cleaning that one in the hallway? Okay you know what, no problem. I will go at the theater. Let’s hurry and go. What, coffee?Oh, you baked a cake especially for me.. uhm.. well, no, no I don’t mean to be rude. Sure, let’s eat a piece of your cake. Okay, I’ll drink some coffee as well, but only a small cup. I am bursting to pee. Just one spoon of sugar.By the way, is there any other toilet in the building? *She really needs to pee now, she can’t hold it!!*Will she wet herself on your first date? She is pee dancing quite much, crossing her legs, bouncing, squirming, fidgeting, crotch holding. Oh boy.. she is about to lose it! Right when you come back with coffee and cake. You see how her jeans turn dark, you can’t believe it. She is even kicking off her shoes. There is nothing else she could do now. This is soo cute! The stains on her jeans slowly spread downwards, you hear a dribble on your floor. This girl is perfect. She just wet herself in front of you on your first date and she didn’t run away yet. Instead, she kindly asks you if you have something else to wear for her, so her clothes can dry while you eat cake and coffee.. then she wants to wear her pee dried clothes to the the theater with you!Will you tell her about your pee fetish? Not yet. She is insecurely opening her pants. She turns around and asks you to look the other way. She is taking her pants off, a thing she wouldn’t normally do on a first date. You don’t look away and catch her pantyless. She didn’t wear any! Her pussy is sooo cute and pink. It’s lovey. And she shaves! Nice. She is stuck in her pants and asks you for help. These wet jeans can be difficult to get out of. With your help she gets undressed from the waist down. She is so nervous that she has to sneeze a few times. If she knew what a boner you have right now.. She even hangs her jeans to dry and offers to clean up her own pee. You love to watch that. The cutest girl is bottomless in your flat, cleaning up her own pee from your floor. The best first date you ever had. Wait – is there pee dripping from her pussy while she is cleaning?